We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”


Dugald Stewart Walker

The Garden of Paradise and Other Stories
Published by Doubleday, Page and Co ~ 1923


There must be a catch…

My favorite kind of therapy. 


The Red Flag Locomotive Act

The increasing popularity of the ‘horseless carriage’ in the late 19th century meant that in highly populated metropolises such as London, where there was genuine concern that these new-fangled contraptions would cause fatal injuries, there was a definite need for new rules and regulations. Between 1861 and 1898 a number of Locomotive Acts were put into place, but that of 1865 was undoubtedly the most bizarre. 

'The Red Flag Act', as The Locomotive Act 1865 became known, required that self-propelled vehicles, or automobiles, travel at no more than 4mph in the countryside and no more than 2mph in cities. Furthermore, such vehicles must have a 'crew' of three people - one of which had to walk 60 yards in front waving a red flag (or carrying a lantern) to warn people that the automobile was coming. 

So, basically, one could travel in an automobile so long as one travelled the precise speed one would travel by foot…

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Chiang Mai graffiti really spoke to us.

Cycling is global.


Look at these beautiful Moon Cyclers!

You guyze. You guyze. Tonight was the best. THE BEST!!!!1  All in all it was about a 15-mile ride for those of us treking back to the Eastside that took us a leisurely two hours. We started at the Capitol when the sun was setting and ended up in the middle of McLane Trail in the dark woods as the light blew itself out for the night. The moon, while not technically full, was gorgeous, and the company was hilarious. This was one of the best nights I’ve had on the bike in a long time. Can’t wait for October!


Pack ride tonight. Howl.


Lovers may come and go but steel frames are forever!!!!


"In cities dominated by cars, a small increase in cycling tends to lead to more biking injuries and deaths, making other people more afraid to ride. The way to overcome that problem, the researchers found, is to make a bigger commitment to better bike lanes."

Full story here.

Last night at Tivoli Fountain, our new meeting spot for Moon Cycle. See you Saturday at 7pm!