Hey hey how y’all feel about a skeleton face paint Dia due los Muertos ride November 1st? Good? Yeah me too. See you at Tivoli, 7pm.

Omfg I biked to work today. Its been too long, lover.

There were five of us - Eric and Ruth, Jill, and me & my son. Jill was rocking a SOMA Buena Vista just like me (not common to see around here - Eric actually recognized my bike since it was built at Joy Ride). It was a nice ride, not sure how many miles, but we were out for close to two hours. We started by circling the statue in front of the capitol (a tradition they said) and headed through the capitol campus up to the cemeteries (North & Cleveland). We biked through the cemetery and Eric tried to find the grave site of Olympia’s founder, but it was too dark and we didn’t want to spend too much time off the bikes looking. Somehow from there we made it to Boulevard, cutting through neighborhoods on side streets, and met up with the Chehalis Western trail at the Chambers Lake trailhead. Cut over to the Woodland trail at the new roundabout, and shortly after that we split up for the evening, around 8:40 or so. It was a lot of fun and the night was beautifully clear; the moon was visible the whole time. Ruth took some pictures. If there is one next month, I will definitely be there if I can make it. May have to break out the rain gear though…

— Hazel


— Ruth

I may be sick, lame and traveling/hibernating, but not everyone in Olympia is. Tomorrow night meet at Tivoli Fountain at 7pm for an official, real-deal, ON the full moon cycling odyssey through this unseasonably warm weather. Kids welcome; lights & helmets required. Questions? Email howl@mooncycle.cc


Monday Motivation - The Top Isn’t Lonely, The Bottom’s Just Crowded.

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one of my favs. see them all here.

Meanwhile on StreetsBlog: SF can’t even close two blocks of Powell Street, my old stomping grounds, to cars. Sigh, America. Just…. sigh.

    *antonio watching bikes outside*
    me:what do you want me to get in the store?
    antonio:cheese sticks
    me:like mozzarella, like string cheese?
    antonio:no, CARBS, WOMAN! bread sticks with cheese! *eye roll*

Spooky times will be had. #almostoctober

Watch the vid that inspired the ride: GHOSTRIDERS II